Nurture – 02.06.2020 – Seachdain Sgeulachd

Hello friends 😊 I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy the sun again today!

If you did, I’m sure you noticed how many people there are out in the parks and on the cycle paths- it can get very busy!

As you’ll see in today’s story, Spagan goes out on his bike and finds a creative solution to bring his friends with him. However, he gets distracted and doesn’t pay attention to the paths, so comes very close to an accident – but something saves them!

I wonder if anything like that has ever happened to you on a bike? Is cycling something you’ve been practising during lockdown? Thankfully, it all ends well for them but what could Spagan have done to be more safe on his bike?

Perhaps you could make a cartoon showing some of your cycling experiences? Or perhaps make a poster, instructing others on how to be safe on a bike?

As always, I’d love to hear from you anytime and take care in the meantime.

Dawn 😊