Nurture – 02.06.2020 – Seachdain Sgeulachd

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well and keeping your spirits up? Edinburgh felt a bit strange today without so much sunshine – but the sunny days will return and, in the meantime, snuggle up for a lockdown story with Spagan 😊

As you’ll see in today’s story, even though Spagan is in a hurry to get to the toy sale, he kindly acts as the police to clear a traffic jam and then goes on to help lots of people at the sale.

I wonder if you’ve ever been stuck in a traffic jam? How long did it last and what did you do to pass the time? Or have you ever been to a jumble sale and got lots of bargains? Did you get any of your favourite toys there? Or perhaps you hoped to get a special toy like Spagan and the boy, but ended up getting something different. How did you feel – disappointed or surprised, happy or sad? I wonder if it ended up being a favourite item?

Talk about some of these things with someone at home and have fun with your memories.

Tìoraidh an-dràsda!

Dawn ☺️