Nurture – 04.06.2020 – Seachdain Sgeulachd

Hello! I hope you’ve been enjoying the Spagan stories. You all know that I’m. A big Spagan fan, so we’ve got one more for this week 😀

In today’s story, Spagan goes to buy lots of food for a party but, unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough money at the till and has to put everything back – Spagan bochd! ☹️

Being a very creative character, he decides to buy ingredients to bake his own biscuits and has a lot of fun doing so!

I wonder if you’ve been doing any baking during lockdown? Have you made anything new or do you have a favourite recipe?

We made one of our favourite traybakes, Tiffin, last week and it didn’t last long  enough for me to get a photo! Here’s the recipe though:


Send me in any photos of your baking or favourite recipes you’d like to share too.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes and I’ll be back here on Monday.

Le gaol,

Dawn 😊