Nurture – 08.06.2020 – The Ickabog

Hello dear Nurture families! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a good weekend and are feeling rested and ready for a new week 🙂

I have exciting news to start the week! I saw that J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter) is publishing a brand new story, The Ickabog, for free on her website, with chapters being shared everyday during Lockdown. Since she said that it would best read aloud, I contacted the publishers to ask for their permission to share with our Nurture class – and they said yes! 😀

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post it on YouTube like our other videos but will send an audio file to listen to everyday instead. We can also only have three available at a time but, if you miss one and need to catch up, I can always send it to you again – or find it on the website.

Another exciting element is that J.K. Rowling is looking for children to illustrate this novel for her and any who wish to do so should have their parent/guardian send it in via the website (see link).

If you would like to send me any of your drawings, I’d love to share them on our blog as well though!

Happy listening and drawing!

    The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling

Le gaol,

Dawn 😊