[C5 – 8.06.2020 – Français] How did we do in French this year?

Bonjour à tous,
As the end of the year is getting closer, I’d like you to have a think about what you liked about your French classes this year and what you’d like to do (or do more) next year. This will help me to plan next year and make sure we are all keeping to have fun and learn new things together.

So this year, this is what we have covered:
  • Chanter en français – Singing in French, one new song each month
  • Bonjour – Greetings
  • La famille – Family members
  • Compter de 0 à 31 – Numbers from 0 to 31
  • Phrases simples – Building basic sentences in French
  • À l’école – At school
  • Le matériel scolaire – School equipment
  • La politesse en classe – Being polite in class, usual sentences
  • Les jours de la semaines – Days of the week
  • Dans la cour de récréation – Games in the playground
  • Où habites-tu? – Where do you live?
  • Les pièces de la maison – Rooms in the house
  • Les meubles de la chambre – Furniture in the bedroom
  • L’arbre généalogique – Family tree
  • Comment te sens-tu ? – How do you feel?
To reflect on this year, let’s think about two stars and one wish.
What I liked the most in French/My two best moments this year were:
–     …
–     …
What I’d like to do or to do more next year in French is:
–      …
Don’t forget to share your thoughts by sending your work to the school office.

6 Replies to “[C5 – 8.06.2020 – Français] How did we do in French this year?”

  1. I would like to keep doing family members and building sentences in French.

    1. My two stars are.. How do you feel? And.. Days of the week.

      And I would like to learn more about how to write sentences in french about things in life.

      Au revoir

      Amelia 😆

  2. My favourite moments in French this year were singing songs and family tree. I would like to do more numbers and sing more songs in French 🙂

  3. I really liked singing in french and describing how I feel. I would like to learn to count to 100.

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