[C7 – 08.06.2020 – French] How did we do in French this year?

Bonjour à tous,
As the end of the year is getting closer, I’d like you to have a think about what you liked about your French classes this year and what you’d like to do (or do more) next year. I will pass this on to your French teacher at JGHS so they know what your expectations are and they can plan relevant and fun activities for you!
So this year, this is what we have covered:
    • Des compétnces pour la vie, Pourquoi apprendre le français – Skills for life; Why do we learn French?

Rédiger une mindmap pour se présenter – Creating a mindmap to present yourselfCompléter une fiche d’identité de correspondant – Filling in a Penpal IdConstruction de phrases complexes en français – Writing complex French sentencesPrésenter ma ville – Presenting my cityPrendre la parole en français – Talking in French in classLes mots interrogatifs – Question wordsConstruire des questions en français – Writing questions in French Écrire une lettre à un corespondant en français – Writing a letter in French to a penpalLa francophonie dans le monde – Exploring the Francophone countriesMes passions – My hobbiesPrésenter son planing de la journée – Presenting my daily routine

To reflect on this year, let’s think about two stars and one wish.
What I liked the most in French/My two best moments this year were:
–     …
–     …
What I’d like to do or to do more next year in French is:
–      …
Don’t forget to share your thoughts by sending your work to the school office.