Nurture – 2020.06.10 – The Ickabog Chapters 6,7&8

Hello! Hope everyone’s well and enjoying The Ickabog story so far 🙂

I’ve sent you all the next instalment of Chapters 6,7&8 via, as it allows us to send large files and then will automatically delete after 7 days to keep us right with the publishers. If you haven’t received it, then please check your junk mail.

Our children are enjoying the characters that have been introduced so far and here are some of their drawings. Can you guess who’s who? 😀





I hope you enjoy the next chapters and here are the illustration suggestions from J.K. Rowling:

The palace courtyard



Bert and Daisy fighting

Major Beamish

Bert’s tiny medal

King Fred on his throne

King Fred’s golden curling tongs

The cushion carrying King Fred’s rings

Spittleworth and Flapoon looking bored.

All the best with your drawings!

Dawn 😀