[C3/2 – 23.06.20] Dimàirt | Tuesday

Madainn mhath! | Good morning! 

An-diugh ‘s e Dimàirt an 23mh latha den Ògmhios a th’ ann. | Today is Tuesday, the 23rd of June.

Tha sinn a-nis air 184 làithean a chur seachad am bliadhna ann an Clas 3/2. | Today is our 184th day in Clas 3/2.


This is our final week in Clas 3/2 so I will be putting together a little post to mark the end of term. If you would like to send any pictures or stories in to share with your classmates please upload them to Learning Journals or email them to the school office, mentioning the end of term post, by midday on Wednesday 24th June. Please note that these will be shared on this blog so only send pictures you are happy to be shared here.

I hope you’re enjoying your Herbirdean Adventure… I wonder where you’ll go today!

Miss Bloomer

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