[C3/2 – 24.06.20] Diciadain | Wednesday

Madainn mhath! | Good morning!

An-diugh ‘s e Diciadain an 24mh latha den Ògmhios a th’ ann. | Today is Wednesday, the 24th of June.

Tha sinn a-nis air 185 làithean a chur seachad am bliadhna ann an Clas 3/2. | Today is our 185th day in Clas 3/2.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Hebridean Adventure this week. I have enjoyed seeing your pictures on Learning Journals!
Today I don’t have a good morning video, but I do have some new ideas for your picnic on Eriskay. These are all really easy things to make and they’re really yummy too! I hope you’ll enjoy them!
Sour cream and chive dip: https://youtu.be/wEwxkr3JhPU