[C3/2 – 26.06.20] Deireadh na bliadhna | End of the year

Madainn mhath! | Good morning!

An-diugh ‘s e Dihaoine an 26mh latha den Ògmhios a th’ ann agus ‘s e an latha mu dheireadh ann an C3/2. | Today is Friday, the 26th of June and it is our last day in C3/2.

Tha sinn a-nis air 186 làithean a chur seachad am bliadhna ann an Clas 3/2. | Today is our 186th day in Clas 3/2.

I would like to thank you all for all your hard work this year. I know that we have faced some challenges along the way but I am really looking forward to seeing you back at school in August. I wish you all a safe and fun holiday and hope that you will enjoy some time to relax. Below is a newsletter with some photos of our year together which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Le gaol,

Miss Bloomer



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  1. Miss Bloomer, tha mi an dòchas gum bi thu a dol airson àm xbox a nis agus ag ithe tòrr cèic anns na holidays. Gaol bho Alexander.

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