Edinburgh Local Mod

The Edinburgh Local Mòd is taking place on 27th and 28th May this year and C4 are busy practising a poem and song which they could perform in the competition.

The Edinburgh Local Mòd is a celebration of Gaelic culture in the city, where there are numerous competitions you can enter to read, sing, play, recite poetry, create art and write stories and poems.  Full syllabus of competitions can be read here: https://www.edinburghlocalmod.com/uploads/7/2/0/6/72063077/edinburgh_local_mod_syllabus_and_rules_2022.pdf

The deadline for children to enter is Friday 29th April,  the end of the first week back after the Easter break.

If you would like your child to take part in the local Mòd you will need to enter your child into competitions. More information can be found on the Edinburgh Local Mòd website. https://www.edinburghlocalmod.com/

In class we have began learning the following:

Competition J01 (Solo Singing): Far am bi mi fhìn

Competition J14 (Poetry Recitation):  An t-Uisge

Children can sing/recite any Gaelic song/poem of their choice but these are the ones we are learning in class.