Aodach Sgoile | Uniform

Aodach Sgoile / Uniform

Ma tha ceistean sam bith agaibh mu dheise-sgoil cuiribh post-d gu

If you have any queries related to school uniform then please send an email to

Deise sgoile/School Uniform:
White polo shirt
White shirt
Navy sweatshirt (c.1-6)
Turquoise hooded top (c.7 only)
Navy jumper or cardigan
Navy, grey or black trousers, pinafore, skirt or joggers
Blue gingham dress
Holyrood tartan kilted skirt
Holyrood tartan tie
Navy, black, grey or white tights/socks
Book bag

Please note that this is a menu of options and that any combination of the above is acceptable.



Nìthean le bràiste/Badged items (sweatshirts, bags, polo shirts etc.) 

These are available from Super Logo, who offer an online ordering system for parents where items can be ordered and delivered to any UK mainland address for £3.95. From their homepage you will find the link to our page under ‘Schools/Club Shops’.



Fèileadh agus taidh Holyrood / Holyrood kilted skirt and tie

School kilted skirts are available from Stevensons in their Stenhouse shop or through their website. 

School ties are ordered through the school office ( No orders or payments for other items of uniform should be sent to the school.


To find out whether your child qualifies for Help with Schoolwear please see the following link:

A school dress code helps pupils feel a strong sense of belong and commitment to the school. It improves security and can create a sense of purpose within the school environment.