C2: Obair-dachaigh / Homework

Next week in Clas 2 we will begin bringing reading books home to enjoy with our families. A’ Bh-Uas Clark and A’Bh-Uas O’Riordan will also send home the list of Faclan Cumanta (Common Words) that we are learning this term. A new list will be sent home as we progress through the set.  

FC Seata 1a : mi, mise, is, seo, agus 

FC Seata 1b: ag, mo, na, an, am, mar   

Fuaimean ùra (New sounds): th​, bh​, ch​, mh​, ao​, dh​, fh​, gh​, ph​, rr​, sh​

​You can also download the list of Faclan Cumanta we are working and a pronunciation guide on here: 2021 For Home Term 1 FC 1 part one and sounds

There are also recordings of how to pronounce the Faclan Cumanta at Facail chumanta

If you have any questions about the reading please just ask!