Digital Learning Week Scotland 11th-17th May


National Digital Learning Week is a week-long event run by Education Scotland. Throughout the week pupils were encouraged to use digital technology during their lessons and when sharing their learning.  Here’s just a selection of work some classes of how some classes have used technology in their lessons.

Obair Dachaigh C3R 22.02.22

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a lovely and restful holiday.

This week, for homework, books will not be given out due to the holiday. Instead it would be very much appreciated if you could spare some time to work on the 3 and 4 times tables with your child.


Litreachadh | Spelling

We are practising spelling the following words in class.  Your child will know what group they are in. Check out the grid below for some fun activity ideas to do at home.


math- good

chaidh- went (Chaidh mi= I went) 

a-staigh- inside

th’ ann – ​it is (S e lathe breagha a th’ ann= It is a lovely day)

bh’ ann- ​it was (B e latha breagha a bh’ ann= It was a lovely day)


​a-steach- (going) inside

Mamaidh – Mummy

Daddaidh- Daddy​

Thog- Lifted (Thog e- He lifted)

càite- Where?​


Chunnaic- saw (Chunnaic mi- I saw)

cha robh- was not ​

a’ coimhead- looking

mhòr-  big ​

rudan – things​


cha d’fhuair- did not get (Cha d’ fhuair mi dhachaigh- I did not get home) 

Cha tàinig​- did not come

fhèin – myself

Còmhla ris- along with him 

fhathast​- yet