C5D – Eclipse

In C5D , this week, we had the opportunity to learn all about eclipses and how they happen. Pupils were excited to hear that a partial solar eclipse was going to be visible from Edinburgh on Thursday morning!

Pupils made fantastic pinhole projectors and went to the playground to see the eclipse happening. Everyone was very excited and enjoyed the view of the crescent sun!


C5- Español – La familia

En la clase de español estamos aprendiendo sobre la familia.

Mamá o madre o mami

Papá o padre o papi

Hermano/ hermana

Abuelo / abuela

Tío/ tía

Los alumnos de clase 5 elaboraron unas fantásticas familias de papel. Enhorabuena clase 5!

C5D- PE Easter

In Class 5 we played the egg and the spoon race for Easter. Great team work everyone! Happy Easter!