Nurture – 2020.03.26 – Hope/Dòchas

Dear Class Nurture,

I hope you’re all well and getting into a good rhythm at home. If it’s tricky to stay on task in a different environment, remember to try some of the strategies we use in class, like using a timer to chunk activities and allowing yourself regular ‘brain breaks’ for movement if you’re struggling to concentrate. Your brain will thank you for letting go of some of those ‘wiggles’ and, when you return to your task, you should feel more able to settle again.
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Dear Class Nurture,
How did day one of homeschooling go for you all? Our children have enjoyed the activities sent by their teachers but we’re having to adjust to spending all of our time together! At times like this, it’s easy to become frustrated with one another, so we need to try extra hard to be patient and show kindness – easier said than done, of course 😀

You were all so good at being ‘Secret Kindness Agents’ in Nurture, so perhaps you could try this with everyone who’s at home with you now? Or start your own ‘100 Acts of Kindness’ like we did in class and colour a heart every time someone does something kind.

100 acts of kindness
The book, ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’, taught us that when we do kind things for others, they feel good and so do we as a result. This means that we fill their imaginary ‘bucket’ and also fill our own. However, doing unkind things makes us and others feel bad, so we dip into both of our ‘buckets’. How can we be ‘bucket-fillers’ at home today?
Listen to the story again via the link to get some reminders and let me know if you have other ideas.

Take care and try to be kind to yourself too, as you adjust to learning from home for now.
Get in touch if I can help with anything,
Dawn 🙂


Thanksgiving wreath
An wreath Taingealachaidh againn

A Chlais Altruim chòir,
Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil sibh uile gu math agus a’ cumail a’ dol anns an t-suidheachadh doirbh a tha seo.  Tha toiseach na seachdaine air a bhith gu math neònach dhomhsa gun a bhith a’ bruidhinn ruibh uile ach thug e orm smaoineachadh cho prìseal is a tha e gu bheil a’ bhuidheann sònraichte againn aig an sgoil.

Tha mi cho taingeil airson a h-uile duine agaibh is moiteil asaibh uile airson an fèin-neartas a sheall sibh uile aig an àm seo.

Nuair a chroch mi mo nigheadaireach a-muigh (airson a’ chiad uair am bliadhna!) chleachd mi peaganan fiodha is thug sin orm smaoineachadh ma dheidhinn an wreath Taingealachaidh a chruthaich sinn anns an t-Samhainn.  Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil rudan mar ‘teaghlach’ agus ‘gaol’ gur cuideachadh uile a bhith làidir is seasmhachd an-dràsta.

Aig an àm seo, dh’fhaodadh gum bi sinn uile nas taingeiliche airson na rudan nach biodh sinn taingeil ma dheidhinn mar as àbhaist mar adhar is caraidean.  Tha mise taingeil airson an àm a tha air a bhith again còmhla anns a’ Chlas Atruim; airson cho mìorbhaileach is a tha coimhearsnachd na sgoile againn a’ cumail ceangailte an-dràsta; agus toilichte gun urrainn dhuinn fiughar a dhèanamh gus an àm nuair a bhios seo uile seachad is sinn ri chèile a-rithist anns an t-seòmar snog againn.

Anns an eadar-àma, cuimhnich gu bheil mise fhathast ann dhuibh, tha mi a’ smaoineachadh oirbh uile agus a’ saoileadhadh mar a tha dol agaibh. Bhithinn cho toilichte cluinntinn bhuaibh.
Ma tha chance agaibh an-diugh, is dòcha gun cruthaich sibhse postair dhomh le cuid de ne rudan air a bheil sibhse taingeil, ann am faclan no dealbhan, an uair sin cuiridh mis air an wreath Taingealachaidh againn e.

Cùm sàbhailte, slàn is cùm ann an touch.

Dawn 🙂


Dear Class Nurture,

I hope that you’re all keeping well and coping okay given the circumstances. It’s been a strange start to the week without checking in with you all but it has made me think about how precious it is to have such a group at our school. I am so thankful for each one of you in our Nurture class and I am so proud of each of you for the resilience that you have shown at this time.

Digging out our wooden pegs, to hang out the washing for the first time this year, reminded me of the Thanksgiving wreath (pictured) that we made with pegs in November and I hope that some of these things, like ‘family’, and ‘love’, are helping you to stay strong now.

This might be a time when we all become even more thankful for lots of things that we normally take for granted, like fresh air and friends. I’m thankful for the time that we’ve had together in Nurture so far; for how well our wonderful school community is working to keep connected now; and glad that we can look forward to regrouping in our lovely Nurture room once this has passed.

In the meantime, remember that I am still here, wondering how you are all getting on and very happy to hear from you. If you get a chance today, perhaps you could make a poster with pictures/words of some of the things you’re thankful for and I’ll add them to our Thanksgiving wreath.

Take care and keep in touch,

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