Primary into Secondary Instrumental Lessons

Gheibh thu fiosrachadh cudromach an seo mu dheidhinn ceòl aig Ard-sgoil Sheumais Ghilleasbuig.

Here you will find important information about Primary into Secondary instrumental lessons at James Gillespie’s High School.

Instrumental Music – Key Information for Parents

Secondary Transition into JGHS

Your child will not be required to audition again in S1 for lessons at James Gillespie’s High School if they received lessons at primary school – their lessons will automatically continue with the appropriate instrumental teacher and they will be contacted at the start of S1.

At James Gillespie’s High School, the expectation is that pupils who embark on learning an instrument in primary school should continue this journey into secondary on the same instrument.

The school instrumental policy states that pupils who have learned an instrument for 18 months or more since the first audition process (if auditioned in P. 4 or 5), have thus entered into the agreement of progressing these skills on this instrument and will hopefully benefit from the skills, teaching and  many opportunities available at secondary level.

If a pupil gives up instrumental lessons after 18 months of learning, or during P.7 (unless auditioned in P6), they will not be given priority for auditioning for an alternative instrument at James Gillespie’s High School. They will be placed on a waiting list and, if a place does become available, will then be called for audition.

Please refer to the JGHS school website and music department for more details.